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Bonbella salon in mumbai focus on makeup and hair services, Facial service, Nail extension and art, Body waxing, etc. We believe that every person has unique hair that wants personalized attention.

Bonbella Salon And Academy treat your hair, skin, and body to a day of detoxification and relaxation! Our beauty specialists are armed with modern equipment, world-class products, and unmatched skill, setting our beauty services apart from the rest.Be it runway style makeup, Bollywood inspired hairstyles, detoxing facials or indulgent massages – our salon services have it all!

Having a huge experience, the expert hair stylists of Bonbella Salon And Academy are fully capable of giving your hair with a new, stylish look. At our hair salon, we are able to provide excellent, classic, retro, new styles to your hair. At our salon, we use branded products along with advanced techniques in order to provide you with a fresh and attractive look.


We are best salon in Mumbai, the most excellent feeling on earth of being totally happy with yourself, every day. Experience the difference in your skin with our amazing facials with our very own different products, skillful scientific massage techniques to make you happier and prettier every day.

Hair Salon

Having a huge experience, the expert hair stylists of Bonbella Salon and Academy are fully capable of providing your hair with a new stylish look. At our hair salon in Mumbai, we are able to provide professional, classic, new styles to your hair. At our salon, we use branded products along with advanced techniques in order to provide you a fresh and attractive look.

Hair Effect

Facial Service

salon in mumbai

Bonbella Salon And Academy are offering world-class facial services in Mumbai to remove the sign of aging, stress, sunlight and other parts that are decreasing the beauty of your skin. Including our facial spa services, you will get back the lost beauty of your skin. At our facial treatments, your skin will repair and you will look attractive and younger.

Nail Extension And Art

Bonbella Salon And Academy are giving extensive style to your nails. We use branded products along with the most advanced techniques to make your nails look appealing. Whether its nail polish or nail paints, our specialists will give impressive color to your nails that suit your dress and of course your personality. We are giving nail art and nail extension service at our parlor to make your nails look attractive and impressive. From growing to buffing to enhance and enrich your nail, Bonbella will give you beautiful looks. With the latest nail courses, our professionals will give you the color of your desire.

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Body Spa

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Bonbella Salon And Academy is giving world-class spa facilities to give relaxation & comfort. The comfortable ambiance along with the smell of the lavenders will make you stress-free and provide you excellent peace. Spa from Bonbella is based on the old concepts of Ayurveda along with modern techniques. We use well known herbal powders along with modern feel to heal your skin. Here you will find excellent peace which will restore the body, mind, and spirit. Our private Spa facility is filled with essential oils, exotic aromas, spice, and floral fragrances. It is created to improve and optimize the total “mind-body experience” and peel away the covers of daily stress.


Bonbella Salon And Academy is the complete destination where we help you with the choices of Manicure (Whitening, Black Diamond, Crystal). In fact, the purpose of the experts at the salon is to make your nails look like diamonds. With the purpose of the right treatment and with the use of the right stuff we help your nails look shiny and white. The sort of Black Diamond manicure kit we have will provide you with the basic essentialities using which you can absolutely maintain the shape and color of your nails and fingers. Now, anything that you use will make the hands look gorgeous.

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salon in mumbai

Bonbella Salon And Academy is the online salon to help you with the tips of the pedicure. The method of a pedicure is very relaxing and we will tell you how to do it right. However, with the position of the right and precise pedicure tips, you can give the nails the desired impact. There are several pedicure variations and these include Whitening, Black Diamond and Crystal. In the case of whitening pedicure, we will ask you to make use of some compounds intended for the reason for nail whitening. Convention of the same will make the nails appear completely white and bright. We even have the choice of the Black Diamond pedicure. This is the best pedicure type you can enjoy with the purpose of the specific ingredients.

Body Waxing

When you come to Bonbella, be rest ensured that the waxing experience will be one of the smoothest, preparing you ready with bright, soft smooth skin. Wax used at Bonbella is extracted from flower and fruit, and is very skin-friendly. Staff at Bonbella are highly trained and considered to be experts in the field – you couldn’t be in better hands. Attempt goodbye to hard ripping or tearing, because waxing at Bonbella is almost painless because of the optimum warm temperature at which the wax is applied, thus peeling and making it easy to peel off. What’s more, the wax contains vitamins that your skin relishes looking healthy and glowing. Waxing is conducted out in the most hygienic of conditions, and by using only disposable materials. Excellent treatment rooms ensure the privacy and comfort of clients.

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Makeup Services

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Makeup is an integral part of beauty, especially for girls. We at Bonbella Salon And Academy know the importance of it and thus bring in the best. What makes us different for the others is our capacity to understand what women want — to look and feel good. We know very properly what works on models for the runways must be changed or shaped up individually for the everyday woman – be it a housewife or office-goer.

Always innovating, our makeup stylists go away regular trends and techniques to offer each one something unique and special. Our expertise in the field of makeup and beauty has been at the lead of creating some of the most expensive looks in the fashion industry.

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